The Dangers of NOT Having Travel Insurance

by Ella Stephen

Experience, they say, is that ‘one thing’ people seek out that’s why travelling was given birth. For some, it’s a form of escape and soul finding. Regardless if it’s a domestic or an international trip, alone or with family or friends, if it enables people to see the world in a different perspective through their exposure to the culture and people, they will eventually aim to experience it more.

According to a study conducted by Visa’s Global Travel Intentions in 2017, Asians, specifically Singaporeans, have been found to be the biggest travelers in the region whether it’s for business or leisure.

However, the reality of travelling is that it is indeed fun and life-changing but safety’s not guaranteed at all times. This is where travel insurances come in. Travelersare very much aware that risks are just around the corner and there’s a wide variety of cheap travel insurances in Singapore that can be availed with just few clicks.

These insurances are responsible for assisting you in times when you lost your baggage, coordination to the nation when you cannot speak the language even your emergency medical bill when you get ill along the way.

Despite all efforts of the insurance providers on giving out promos and discounts for either an

annual travel insurance that you can get half the price containing great deals such as medical expenses, compassionate visits, passport loss even car rental excess or register for a single travel offers that you can use each time you travel, people tend to neglect getting travel insurances because it’s quite expensive.

But what are you actually missing? Are there really dangers in not having a travel insurance?

You can actually explore the world without it. It isn’t illegal. It shouldn’t stop you from going from one country to another.

But that doesn’t mean you should because the consequences might be devastating.

Having no travel insurance entails no protection on threats before even arriving to your destination is one of it because there might be abrupt cancellations of flights or even flight diversions and without an insurance, it would be such a waste of both time and money because you have to book again for another flight because refund is not happening.

Losing your passport which is the most important identification tool when you travel as well as lost, delayed or damagedluggage might be another problem. It would be very hard if you arrived at the destination, however, lost the things essential in exploring it leaving you to buying another set of clothes without reimbursement. Recovery of lost baggage and airline services are part of the benefits of having an insurance.

Perhaps the greatest danger of not having an insurance is paying for medical expenses abroad. Health care differs from one country to another and so its prices. Imagine going to a nation having only your pocket money allotted for food and leisure but you end up being sick or involved in an accident.

How much would it cost you when emergency scenarios like such start to cripple in?

It’s a debate whether you are ready to play games on how much you are willing to lose. The ‘expensive’ payment for these insurances might be of hundredfold when those unexpected ones happen.

After all, there’s not so much danger, if you think about it. Having travel insurances is not mandatory at all but is advisable for a lesser financial fallback.

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