Quality Recycled Paper Printing

by Ella Stephen

Quality Recycled Paper Printing

Recycled Business Cards, Recycled Postcards, Recycled Brochures, Recycled Flyers, Recycled Catalogs, and more. Wizard Graphics Now Offers Amazing Value On All Recycled Paper Printing. We are confident, that you will not find better quality or lower prices on recycled paper printing anywhere.

Stochastic Recycled Printing

Wizard Graphics uses stochastic screening almost exclusively. Reproduce nearly photographic print quality that was just not possible only a few years ago, with the latest in printing technology. All of your recycled paper printing projects can now look their best with stochastic technology.

No Hidden Charges

At Wizard Graphics, what you see is what you get, when it comes to the cost of our printing. Some printers tack on fees for just about everything; Not with Wizard Graphics, a $39 business card order costs you $39 plus shipping — no setup fees, no proofing fees, just the advertised cost of printing!

Free PDF Proof Printing

Wizard Graphics provides you with a Free PDF Proof sent via email for all of your printing orders. If you need greater control of your print projects, we can provide you with a Hard Proof sent using the Next Day service.

Recycled Direct Mail Printing

Wizard Graphics Specializes in Green Direct Mail Printing: Recycled Postcards, Recycled Bulk Rate Mailers, Self Mailers, Promotional Printing, and Recycled Advertising Mailers. Now you can be confident that your advertising campaign is environmentally friendly. We offer very competitive pricing. But more importantly, we have an experienced mail prep team that can help you deliver your postcard or other mailers in the fastest possible manner. In most cases, it will save you time and money to prep and direct mail your printing straight from our factory.

Sustainable Green Printing

Wizard Graphics Offers Quality Sustainable Printing at Discount Prices. We Print On Recycled Paper, Using Soy and Vegetable Based Inks. Wizard Graphics does its best to be green by Recycling 100% Of Our Waste Paper, Cardboard, Aluminum Printing Plates, and Plastic Shipping Materials. We Greatly Reduce Our Ink Waste By Using Only Stay Open Inks, That Will Not Dry In The Press, Thus Having To Be Discarded At The End Of Each Day. Our Inks Go Only On Paper, and Almost Never in the Trash. Our Recycled Papers Are FSC Certified, So You Can Be Assured That No Forrests Were Harmed In The Making Of Your Print Job.

Aqueous Coating Recycled Printing

In order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, Wizard Graphics applies an aqueous (water-based) coating as opposed to UV or film coating on all of our recycled printing orders. We can print your job with a gloss or a satin aqueous coating, that will protect the printing from scuffing, and make your design project look great.

Printing With Bleeds Included

You will never be charged extra for printing bleeds at Wizard Graphics. We encourage all our customers to include a 1/8-inch bleed on all of the print files that they submit. That way, we can print the color to the very edge!

Online Eco-Printing

Wizard Graphics Offers Quality Online Eco-Printing. It is easy to manage your green print jobs from anywhere on the planet, with our online ordering and job tracking systems. Wizard Graphics accepts Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Adobe Pagemaker, Quark Xpress, Microsoft Publisher, and more. Be sure to check out our print specs page for details. We also offer a wide selection of file delivery options. Upload your print file via our website, or, FTP your printing projects straight to our prepress department. FTP transfers are fast and convenient, and can handle very large print files.

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