5 Uncommon Coverage of Home Insurance Policies

Home insurance is one of the most common and most popular types of insurances. Most American households get insurance policies from different companies since they are instrumental in so many ways. They have helped and continue to support millions of Americans who have trouble with unusual, unexpected expenses. Although there are still some who are not positive on the benefits of insurance policies, more people are getting converted every day. They are an inexpensive means of preparing for any unexpected happenings. However, did you know that the coverage of home insurances doesn’t just end on the basic ones we know? Here are five unusual inclusions in many home insurance policies that the majority doesn’t even know.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup includes different scenes such as burglary clean up, biohazard material cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and suicide cleanups. Although no one wishes these things to happen sometimes, they do. The aftermath, especially for deaths is difficult to handle for the family members left behind. It usually gives a lot of stress and takes a toll on their lives. When death happens in the house, it is not just difficult for members to do the cleaning, it is also unsafe. Therefore, crime scene cleaners get called, they are trained professionals who know how to properly clean and disinfect affected areas to make it a livable place again. Hiring a team to do the cleaning is often covered by house insurance policies.

Vandalized Gravestones

Gravestones, even though they are not part of a house are still considered as personal properties. And believe it or not, tombstones are often the victim of many vandals. They are not just through writings, but all sorts of blasphemies get done to the point of the headstone getting damaged or worst, ruined. It is for this reason that home insurances cover these and they pay for their replacement.

Animal Stampede

Human stampede is familiar but animal stampede is rare, but they do happen. Just imagine your prized flower garden getting destroyed by a bunch of wild animals that happen to drop by. The damage as simple as it can cost a lot of money. It is a good thing that these policies consider them. However, since it doesn’t happen often, most policy owners don’t even know about it.

Food Spoilage

You might be thinking this is impossible, but it is true. Although spoilage of food is not the primary concern of homeowners when natural disasters strike or when the electricity gets turned off due to a strong storm, food spoilage due to this reasons gets paid by insurance agencies. It might not be a massive amount of money, but it is one less thing to worry.

Defamation Concerns

When we say defamation, it means civil suits you can file against your neighbors. Gossips are considered standard, but there are times when they go to the extent of damaging your reputation, and legal actions are in place. Home insurances can cover your civil suit expenses for defamation against your neighbors.

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