Smart Home Buyers Get Their Mortgage First

by Ella Stephen, you’ll get a very competitive interest rate and a guaranteed single loan settlement charge at just $999* with no origination fee! That compares to typical closing costs that range as high as $2,500 or more.
With a mortgage, there is never an origination fee. That, alone, is a savings equal to 1% of the amount of your home loan, or $10 for every $1,000 you borrow. And if your mortgage is for purchasing a home, we’ll guarantee a single loan settlement charge of just $999!* means big savings on refinancing mortgages, too. As with purchase mortgages, guarantees low closing costs on refinancing loans** and there is never an origination fee!
Check out our rates and our GUARANTEEDGOODFaithEstimate to see how can save you a bundle on your home loan!

*Offer applies only to standard 15 and 30-year fixed-rate conventional mortgages for home purchase transactions. The offer does not apply to refinance loans or to Fannie Mae Flex 97 and Freddie Mac Alt 97 low down payment loans.
The $999 guaranteed closing costs include mortgage settlement charges only and do not include prepaid items such as deposits for real estate taxes and home owner’s insurance, partial mortgage interest payments, interest discount or buydown fees, fees for private mortgage insurance or escrow-impounds account waivers, or charges not associated with the mortgage transaction.

**Loan settlement charges vary on refinance loans depending on the transaction type and property type and location. Please send us a message at if you would like more information regarding our guaranteed low closing costs on refinance home loans, or if you would like to receive a GUARANTEEDGOODFaithEstimate with a detailed itemization of the loan settlement charges on your refinance mortgage.

Fast Online Approval

With we’ll provide your written mortgage approval within hours rather than days or weeks. And gives you a written, binding credit approval and not just a so-called “pre-qualification” – a non-binding opinion of your creditworthiness that won’t stand up when you need the certainty of a binding approval.

Give yourself the negotiating power of a cash buyer with by getting your written credit approval before you enter into a contract to purchase your home. That way, you can negotiate the purchase of your new home with confidence and offer the seller a fast, certain closing. A faster closing can sometimes mean a shorter interest rate “lock” period and a lower rate, as well.

A approval also lets you avoid being trapped in shopping for and selecting a lender and mortgage program in the short time between the date you sign a real estate contract and its loan approval deadline. That trap presents a big disadvantage for home buyers by severely diminishing their ability to shop and compare lenders and mortgage programs and costs. puts you in the driver’s seat and empowers you with the tools you need to make intelligent decisions about your home mortgage loan.

PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT combines the advantages of advanced technology with the value of expert customer support. While employs sophisticated automated underwriting systems and internet technologies to deliver your home loan faster, less expensively, and more conveniently, it also provides direct access to our expert Mortgage Officers from the time you first arrive at through and beyond the closing of your home loan.

Our Mortgage Officers are expert mortgage technicians – not commissioned salespeople pressured to obtain ever more referrals from realtors and home builders. As thoroughly trained professionals and experts in mortgage processing and underwriting, their only job is serving your needs. And they’ll be available to provide prompt, reliable answers to your questions.

When you submit your mortgage application, your PERSONALMORTGAGEOfficer will be assigned to handle all of your questions and needs throughout your entire transaction. Whether you choose to contact your PERSONALMORTGAGEOfficer by e-mail, phone, or otherwise, you’ll get a prompt, professional response.

Easy to Apply

Because it employs an advanced automated underwriting system that intelligently analyzes your unique qualifications, requires much less asset, income, and employment documentation, and uses simplified credit and appraisal reports that save you money and time. And with you don’t have to provide any asset, income, or employment documentation until after your application is approved! That way, limits information and documentation requests to that needed for your particular mortgage application. In many cases, limits requests for the asset, income, and employment documentation to a copy of your most recent paystub and your most recent statement for your liquid assets.

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