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For a long time, the issue of financial management was one of the significant points in human life; however, with the creation and improvement of the Bank and its services all around the world, this issue found its necessary solution. Nowadays, because of progress and updates in people’s financial lives, thanks to new technologies and the electronic world, customers are requiring other types of services in place of traditional ones. In this case, we decided to introduce Lydia, as one of the new ideas in the sphere of banking and write about its services. 

Lydia & Its Features

Shortly to say, Lydia is a mobile app with the functions of banking services, totally in an online format. With this app, users will be able to receive, spend and manage their financial works easier. Lydia is allowing users to pay or send money to others just with their phone number, users will be able to share a bill or request funds from each other, also collect money for any type of event. Briefly, it is one alternative way in place of other available banking apps for those customers that want to track their money and move it just with simple actions. Also, all services such as cards, events, payments, and receipts are customized; customers for beauty and more easy to use can choose different designs for all their activities in Lydia. The main point that needs to be noted is that Lydia is providing French IBAN accounts and Visa debit cards for ease of use. So it will allow customers to have two different accounts with specific functions.  

Lydia’s Cards

As a special service of lydia, it is providing users, as mentioned above, with the Visa debit cards that are connected to their accounts and simply will allow them to use all services in offline format too. The cards have some features that are worthy to mention. The customers with the Visa debit cards of Lydia, will receive the notification from any activities of their cards on their mobile totally without any pause. It is easy to use these cards on trips, totally without any fees for withdrawal and also use in other currencies. Also, customers will be able to use their cards in the contactless format and just by adding it to their apple pay or google pay. Should be noted that with lydia cards, users will be able to transfer money very fast and have some loans if it will be necessary. In the latest updates, Lydia with cooperation with some big companies, today is available as a payment service on the most famous online shopping platforms.


Definitely, the world is changing and the global community and its services need to change too. The idea of lydia is this way and totally it is something that in future most of the people gonna use it. However, with the huge competition in this sphere, customers can always expect new improvements by Lydia in the nearest future.


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