Business Letter: Staying Polite and Friendly

There are some situations in life when you need to write a business letter, making a request or introducing some topics. However, there is always a hesitation what style of writing to choose and what that certain text requests are appropriate for your letter to sound official and polite.

Despite the fact that there are dozens of suggestions and ideas available, you need to lean on the “text’s skeleton,” which would lead you in a proper way of writing till the end. All you need to do is to decorate that pieces of a paper’s body with the necessary information in a form of neat and intelligent word constructions. So, let us start. By the way, if you are interested in more details, examples and assistance, you are welcome to visit blog at popular sources, where they answer not only your “write my essay for me” but any content writing task indeed.

General Rules

Politeness is to be put in the first place in the list of your priorities. A correct way of speaking is a great benefit, which is sometimes more important than the content of the letter since you risk it would not be read if the references will be written in a wrong way. So, do not write the points, which you would not say personally in a private talk, in the letter. Any confusing information, which can be misinterpreted, influences the general impression from your writing.

Sometimes, people refer to the key issue or the main reason for writing at the very beginning, which can sound a bit embarrassing to the letter recipient. Claiming a personal opinion over some situations is not welcomed because it is also impolite. Be sincere not only when you plan to write “With warm regards” at the bottom of a page.

Anything Else?

It does not really matter if you are preparing something and ask for help or making an offer: do not promise to achieve the imaginary aims, especially if you are not sure in your abilities. In further talks everything will become clear, so, even if your business letter is only a pre-work, do not risk a future cooperation.


If you have finally decided to write a business letter, mind its structure, which consists of four main parts. They are a reference, your reasons for writing, any descriptions of added documents in case there are such, and the closing part. But now we shall pay attention to the first two paragraphs, which open your letter, since they make the first and the most important impression.

Reference is a piece of paper, where you write whom you refer to. It is especially important if your letter is addressed to an undefined person or a third person from a company. Use a formal style to make a proper beginning. Reasons for writing reveal your intentions, emphasize on the letter’s content or refresh the information about the previous letters if you have already written to the same address.

Letter’s Additions

One of the body paragraphs is a part, where you are supposed to describe the enclosed documents or any files or references mentioned in the letter. If you write a brief summary of each, you will both show respect to the letter owner and ease the way of understanding what you are talking about.

Closing Remarks

  • In the final part of the writing, you summarize all the main points once more, feeling grateful for the contact. It is necessary to thank the recipient for the help or advice, so, it would be easier and more pleasant to continue the business relationship. You can mention about the further co-operation or mention that you are eagerly waiting for (looking forward to) his or her respond.
  • If you are an initiator of the future communication, specify the way you want it to happen, adding the contact phone numbers or the e-mails, emphasizing that you are eager to get a confirmation back.
  • Also, it would not be odd to write why this cooperation is important for you and how it has influenced you personally in a few words. As it was already mentioned, try to be open and sincere in this business talk.

Summing up, a business letter is a special type of writing, which you create with a regard for current or future work. Being polite and respectful in this case is the best way to show your intelligence and knowledge. So, keep on and achieve what you are aimed at.

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