The Top Five Benefits Of Crowdfunding for Underprivileged Children’s Extracurricular Lessons by Parents

A shamefully large fraction of India’s population lives beneath the poverty line. This includes urban and rural poverty. Large scale urban poverty can be found in slums in large cities. Slums are tiny huts; build on unauthorised land where many people live mostly in appalling conditions. Bathrooms are few and not pucca, roofs might leak and some of these little huts may have more than five people living in them. In these situations, children often turn to crime, crime being ever present around them. Some grow up to be criminals while other turn to addiction and girls are forced into sex work. So, the most common trend in these situations is that childhood is under threat.

The same may happen in rural situations but due to the different dynamics of rural communities, children might get sent off to the cities to find work or in most cases, taken out of school to work as farm hands. Here too, we find that childhood is threatened. So, what is the government doing about these children? Government policy centres on keeping these children in school, so that chances of deviant activity can reduce. However, government schools do not have adequate opportunities. If childhood is to be safe and flower properly, these children must be introduced to work that interests them rather than drab classwork. Enter extra-curricular activity and crowdfunding India.

There are various benefits of crowdfunding the extracurricular activities of poor children

  • As has been elaborated before, this keeps their minds off crime and other such behaviour which might attract them at a young age.
  • It is a well-known fact that extra-curricular activities like art, music and dancing inculcate values of softness in children. It keeps their souls from hardening too early.
  • In a poverty-stricken area, extra-curricular activities might be the only thing keeping a lot of children sane. Moreover, we may hope that out of these places some of India’s later artists might emerge. This is therefore, a mode of empowerment and self-discovery too.
  • Crowdfunding, which is by definition a reallocation of resources, helps in empowering the crowd. Who should do this for children if not parents? Understandably, underprivileged parents do not have the resources so it is those with financial backing who should come forward. This kind of activity actually gives back to society for reasons elaborated on before. Remember that you do not have to contribute a lot, and you will get to be part of a system of growing up which is not very mainstream. It can be a rewarding experience.
  • Remember that even from your point of view, this stops a lot of hate, crime and frustration later on in life. The people who will reap the benefits of this kind of a programme will be the moneyed classes as crimes against them would be reduced.

Therefore, if you are an individual or an NGO who works in this area, do get in touch with a crowdfunding platform immediately. Crowdfunding India with the help of parents helps everyone and the contributors are immensely compensated.

If you are interested in crowdfunding India, do get in touch with crowdfunding platform like Impact Guru, which have an experience in medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding. All you would need to do is set up a fundraiser which takes just five minutes of your time. For society.

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