Sell your ideas well before selling a product to achieve success and money!

With the internet, even individuals today have a better prospect of earning, besides a regular job. If we look at the human society globally, the number of people who fall under the sector or organized sector still is around 30% only! This hints that a large part of the working and earning population falls outside this sector. But being part of the semi-organized or unorganized sectors, they do not have a proper platform to show their skills to the world.

A case can be taken up from a common proverb, which says that an author becomes popular only after her/his, death! It’s very funny and may provoke anguish among a few, but let us go deep into it and try to know what it actually means! A creative person is one who devotes her/his life fully into creation. And in doing so, s/he does not have the time to market the works neither can s/he learn the ways of marketing. But after s/he is no more, one appreciator discovers the creations and understands their high values. It is then that the author gains popularity, but s/he is no more there to cherish the same!

Another very relevant example is to try and find out the writers of many folk tales and even semi-epics, whose writers are unknown. These works also became famous perhaps over time after the writers were no more, but their names could possibly not be decoded! Besides other things, the internet has made sure that we can now gain popularity and attention faster with least time spent, and also be able to keep our marks in our fields of creation forever! And at the same time, we can earn a little through the innovative money making ideas.

Thus, a teacher today can earn the extra bit by becoming an instructor for life skills, besides doing the regular job. An administrator can take out time to write a novel and become popular by selling the e-books. A singer can suddenly go viral over YouTube with the latest of one of the homemade albums! And an IT engineer can crack the safety code of the most secret of information kept safely by the world renowned detective agencies without getting traced!

What make these people click? Is it just luck that gives them that unique once in a lifetime chance to be known, popular and rich? Well, one can never say “No” to the contribution that luck has in each of our lives, but perhaps, there is a thing more to it too! And that thing is definitely the unique ideas that these people created in their own minds to showcase their talent and make some money! It’s those money making ideas that matter more than anything else!

The best part about the internet is that it helps to fructify these ideas quicker than the earlier traditional ways. Over here, one can contact the online buying and selling websites that can help in selling your products or services, but again, for mass delivery, one need a bit of investment and manpower. If one does not have that and is a one-man army, there are still ways out! Going out with an individual personalized and customized website can be a good option. Here, one has to have a certain extent of IT skills that can make her/him good with the regular developments of the website, keeping it relevant with the search engine optimizations.

If one does not have that or is less confident in making a website, s/he can opt for the several networking platforms that exist today. There are the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where one can showcase works or advertise services free of cost and reach out to the globe, not just a country. There is Pinterest to create a portfolio that is digital, easy to share and aesthetically appealing. There are blogging sites like Tumblr and Blogspot to discuss about the services and products offered by an individual. Even there are professional networking sites like LinkedIn that helps one connect to people of similar skills across the world! The ultimate thing is that one need to have a few sustainable money making ideas to go and succeed amidst this world of tough competition that is now wide open for all to exploit and use, thanks to the internet!

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