Kitchen Robots

Is there anything robots cannot do today? They are everywhere, working alongside humans to deliver quality services and make processing of products much easier to accomplish. A few years ago, things were different. Not too much was heard of robots doing jobs that depended entirely on human initiatives. Robot manufacturing companies are changing this by making robots that can almost think like humans. One of those companies is with its series of robotic arms than can do practically everything. One of the latest robotic arms beneficiaries is the hospitality industry. Robots are taking over the kitchens in some parts of the world and they are doing a great job.

One such place is Spyce in Boston that features a full robotic kitchen. Robots in this restaurant do all the cooking while humans concentrate more on making the customers feel welcome. If you think the meals are any different from what the humans prepare, you are wrong. The robots make quality food and they do it faster than the humans did. The meals are as delicious as they were and are all at very affordable prices. This means that introducing robotics does not add anything to the price and people get to enjoy quality dishes at the same prices. This is how a normal day in a robotic diner or restaurant works.

How the robotic kitchen works

Once the customers get into the restaurant, humans greet them and continue to guide them to a touch screen kiosk. Here, the customers place their orders by a simple touch of what they want. From here, the orders are sent to the kitchen. In the kitchen, there are about seven workstations or cooking woks. All the woks are visible to the customers and they can follow their orders go through the cooking process. After the preparation process that takes anything from 3 to 5 minutes, humans then pick up the bowls and puts garnishing on the orders. The customer then gets his or order and sits down to enjoy the delicacy.

The robots not only cook but they clean up after themselves. They are programmed to work without much human interaction and the only person in the kitchen with the robots is the garnish employee whose only job is to add garnishing to the bowl of food to make it more appealing and tasty.

Bryce is a vegan and gluten free restaurant. The main meals from the robotic kitchen are grains and salads, all served in bowls. The cook woks tumble the food giving it a nice mix, and to avoid any overcooking, they have heat induction and temperature control.

The force behind Spyce Kitchen Robots

A group of hungry college students inspired the making of kitchen robots. This led another group of four MIIT graduate engineers to develop the robots in order to keep up with the hungry students and many other customers. For their invention, the graduate students won the “Eat it” $10,000 Lemelson IT undergraduate prize. The invention still awaits FDA and USDA approval and the team plans to expand robotic kitchens to dining halls all across Boston Universities. The main aim and vision of the team is to make eating fast food more fun and better.

Benefits of the robotic kitchen

The robotic kitchen comes with many benefits. These are

  • They are faster and can cook up meals in less time than humans can
  • They are safe to use and very clean
  • They offer quality food
  • Humans can concentrate on doing other things like interacting with the customers and leave the cooking to the robots
  • Costs go down with the use of robots. The costs include those of hiring staff, staff medical expenses due to kitchen accidents and other overheads
  • The robots are flexible and can carry other duties besides cooking. They can clean adder themselves too
  • Production goes higher as they cook more and thus attract more customers
  • They are fun to watch as they work

Wrapping it up

With such advancements, it will not be long before robotics take over the fast food industry. When that happens, companies like Universal Robots and many others will be in the forefront in providing the best collaborative robots in the market. Our cobots are safe to use, affordable and very flexible.

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