Grocers and Manufacturers Unite to Clear Up Confusion on Expiration Labels

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In the business world of today, most of the consumers have found it hard to foretell the precise expiration date of an array of products. After a significant period of bewildering, the packaging food business is, at last, undertook the acts of embracing homogeneous labels. For example, in most of the retailing shops, one can eventually recognize the labels indicating aspects that include:Best before, Enjoy by as well as To sell by in each product name.

Before this significant step undertook by the packaging firms, there was the inclusion of various illustrations to signify the product life, even though in most of the situations, they were just more but nebulous. To signify a shelf life, a good deal of terminologywas used in the description of products. However, it led to even more confusion rather than effective assistance while choosing a product.

Statistics in U.S. and U.K.

In the given business article, Zach Brookestates how the given problem has led to an array of real-word implications. As a result, both the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic and Natural Resources Defense Council merged up to release a report regarding the vulnerabilities of food packaging. To the surprise of many, the report found out that each year, the U.S. as a whole wastes a significant 160 billion pounds as a result of ineffective food packaging provisions. It is a high amount that almost corresponds to $30 billion.

From the given number, a separate study undertaken by U.K. sustainability nongovernmental organization, Waste & Resources Action Program (WRAP), signifies that out of the total amount, about 20 % of the misuse is often as a result of vagueness over the connotation of sparkle in labels.

Possible Way Out

As a consequence of the high disparity, a separate examination, conducted by ReFED, Leading food waste reduction, approximates that a high vulnerability could be outdone through the standardization of food labels. As a result, it would give rise to the U.S. as a whole witnessing about 400,000 tons of food to be saved from wastage.

Under the first-hand system, much hope is projected on the processing and packaging industry; there is a proposal of doing away with inappropriate tags that are attached to the shelves. Itimplies the inclusion of new packaging dimensions such as: “Best use of,” a suggestion that relates to the particular food quality unlike the ambiguous illustration of expiration dates that are never valid.

After ensuring that the quality of food is worth it, what follows next includes the consumer’s preference as to whether or not to buy the product itself.

Packaging as a Strong Tool of Marketing as Well as Its Pitfall

This article is educative in the field of marketing. Packaging is one of the most used strategies in promoting the brand of a company. It speaks volumes about a product such as its benefits and strengths, expiry dates, the method of its application, and why it is better than any other brand.

However, packaging can have severe implications on a firm, especially when the product involved is food.

Firstly, it may lead to unnecessary costs which the company could avoid. For instance, the clients may sue the company for the damages they incurred as a result of the wrong packaging or the misguided information on the packaged item. The organization will lose its resources regarding compensation and fines.

Secondly, the company may have no other alternative than to dispose of the product. It is, therefore, the sole responsibility of the management to ensure there exists no packaging information that is misleading or confusing.

Lastly, the company may label a product that has already expired using a fake and extended period of usage. In the case of any implications, the company will not escape the legal action against the false information. In other words, it is important to inspect the goods usage and condition before packing and labeling. More so, there should be a set standard of providing these services such that no one can accuse the company of any harmful products. No wonder these two groups joined hands in making sure that there exists no more confusion in the details of their packaging. They could have known the secret of winning a competitive advantage by ensuring that no one points fingers at their products.

Business Letter: Staying Polite and Friendly

There are some situations in life when you need to write a business letter, making a request or introducing some topics. However, there is always a hesitation what style of writing to choose and what that certain text requests are appropriate for your letter to sound official and polite.

Despite the fact that there are dozens of suggestions and ideas available, you need to lean on the “text’s skeleton,” which would lead you in a proper way of writing till the end. All you need to do is to decorate that pieces of a paper’s body with the necessary information in a form of neat and intelligent word constructions. So, let us start. By the way, if you are interested in more details, examples and assistance, you are welcome to visit blog at popular sources, where they answer not only your “write my essay for me” but any content writing task indeed.

General Rules

Politeness is to be put in the first place in the list of your priorities. A correct way of speaking is a great benefit, which is sometimes more important than the content of the letter since you risk it would not be read if the references will be written in a wrong way. So, do not write the points, which you would not say personally in a private talk, in the letter. Any confusing information, which can be misinterpreted, influences the general impression from your writing.

Sometimes, people refer to the key issue or the main reason for writing at the very beginning, which can sound a bit embarrassing to the letter recipient. Claiming a personal opinion over some situations is not welcomed because it is also impolite. Be sincere not only when you plan to write “With warm regards” at the bottom of a page.

Anything Else?

It does not really matter if you are preparing something and ask for help or making an offer: do not promise to achieve the imaginary aims, especially if you are not sure in your abilities. In further talks everything will become clear, so, even if your business letter is only a pre-work, do not risk a future cooperation.


If you have finally decided to write a business letter, mind its structure, which consists of four main parts. They are a reference, your reasons for writing, any descriptions of added documents in case there are such, and the closing part. But now we shall pay attention to the first two paragraphs, which open your letter, since they make the first and the most important impression.

Reference is a piece of paper, where you write whom you refer to. It is especially important if your letter is addressed to an undefined person or a third person from a company. Use a formal style to make a proper beginning. Reasons for writing reveal your intentions, emphasize on the letter’s content or refresh the information about the previous letters if you have already written to the same address.

Letter’s Additions

One of the body paragraphs is a part, where you are supposed to describe the enclosed documents or any files or references mentioned in the letter. If you write a brief summary of each, you will both show respect to the letter owner and ease the way of understanding what you are talking about.

Closing Remarks

  • In the final part of the writing, you summarize all the main points once more, feeling grateful for the contact. It is necessary to thank the recipient for the help or advice, so, it would be easier and more pleasant to continue the business relationship. You can mention about the further co-operation or mention that you are eagerly waiting for (looking forward to) his or her respond.
  • If you are an initiator of the future communication, specify the way you want it to happen, adding the contact phone numbers or the e-mails, emphasizing that you are eager to get a confirmation back.
  • Also, it would not be odd to write why this cooperation is important for you and how it has influenced you personally in a few words. As it was already mentioned, try to be open and sincere in this business talk.

Summing up, a business letter is a special type of writing, which you create with a regard for current or future work. Being polite and respectful in this case is the best way to show your intelligence and knowledge. So, keep on and achieve what you are aimed at.

Getting Personal Loans In Singapore Is Now Very Easy

Singapore is one of the most popular nations in the south East Asia and if you are living in Singapore and need a personal loan then don’t worry. Here is everything you need to know about loans in Singapore and get the best advice to apply for personal loan in Singapore. There are many options lined up for you to grab the best personal loan deal in Singapore with lot of ease. There are many nationalized and international banks in Singapore that provide personal loans at the competitive rates.

Apart from this there are also located many private financial institutes and licensed financial services that provide personal loans. The rates for personal loan in Singapore vary from bank to bank, but the norms and procedures are more or less same. Singapore reserved bank has defined the eligibility criteria for individuals to apply for the personal loans. The basic criteria with the eligibility of the loan include the age, occupation, monthly income, current employment and credit score. Though there are few banks that have some relaxation in the credit scores on the basis of the applicant’s monthly income and present loan status.

The average loan rate for personal loan is around 6% to 9% flat pa and the loan amount can be applied for that is 4 times the salary up to $200,000. Though in some cases, the loan limited is restricted up to $100,000 for some individuals on some circumstances.

Discloser of your loan requirements:

If you are seeking for a personal loan in the Singapore than you likely have to submit the reason for the requirement of loan. In some cases this is not mandatory to exactly disclose the purpose of loan. As far as the repayment of the loan is concerned, the banks offer minimum of 9 months to 36 months and 48 months repayment period and the money is been paid through monthly installments.

Though, here are some tips for the applicant if they are applying for the personal loan in Singapore. First and foremost, before applying for the loan, do compare the current loan rates of various banks. Remember, if you enjoy good credit score then you can bargain for the rates and perhaps you may get some flat discounts in the processing fee and other frills including the fore closure penalty and transaction fee. Ensure that you read all the terms before finalizing your deal with the bank for personal loan. Just follow this and enjoy best loan deals in Singapore!

Alternative lenders for Small Businesses

Working capital is very important for every business. Since our economy is in recovery stage and consumer activity decreased sales are down and more and more businesses rely on financial support from various lenders to increase working capital turnaround time. Unfortunately traditional banks aren’t lending and small business sector is a restricted territory for them. What options available for small businesses with bad credit? The answer is Bad Credit business loans from Elite Merchant Capital. New York based alternative lender Elite Merchant Capital provides unsecured and uncollateralized loans for the past five years. Bad credit is not an issue. Underwriting process is quick and simple;

  • Minimum 10,000 in gross sales
  • At least 6 months in business
  • No open bankruptcies

The entire process takes 24 hours and you will have money in your account in 2 business days. Elite capital developed unique technology which allows alternative lenders compete for your business and provide most cost effective financial solutions for your establishment. Recent study showed that almost 80% of all applications for small business loans are being denied by the bank due to bad personal credit. Elite overcomes this issue by utilizing business performance as a primary factor. If you are a business owner looking to obtain working capital and bad credit stops from getting small business loan do not give up fortunately alternative is available. Alternative lenders will build a custom scenario based on your business performance and daily expenditure.

  • Advantages of Bad Credit Business Loans
  • No personal guarantee
  • No collateral
  • Funds in your account in 2 business days

Alternative lending landscape changed for the past five years due to high competition between lenders factor rates vary from ten to twenty percent turning alternative financing into very economical alternative to small business loans. If your business accepts credit card transactions as a form of payment merchant cash advance might be another great resource for your working capital needs.

Merchant cash advance is not based on your total sales but your credit card sales only. The payback process is adjustable to your credit card volume. Small percentage will be allocated to payback principal balance from each credit card batch. Bad credit business loans or Merchant Cash Advances designed to be flexible financial tool for your business it’s designed to provide working capital to fulfill immediate need and establish working relationship into the future.

You do not have to be fully paid down on your first advance Elite will provide as much capital as you need to lead you to success and financial stability. All alternative loans work as a revolving line of credit if positive payback established more capital will be provided under progressively better terms.

5 things to keep in Mind about Singapore Money Lenders

Do you want to borrow money in Singapore? Are you in search for some reliable moneylender in this country? There are quite a few moneylenders in the cities, which provide fast loans for solving emergency situations. But, it is not that easy to find an authentic and licensed moneylender. It requires a lot of patience and time. When you are about to finalize a loan with any moneylender in Singapore, take care of certain things.

It often happens that you are not ready with liquid cash to handle a situation. Such things happen during emergencies like hospital visits or when a huge expense, crossing the budget, is required to meet. As you know, backs do not provide overnight loans. Then, who is the best savior in this situation? It’s the moneylender or some money lending body. You can skip the hassle of formal paperwork and other formalities. With money lending bodies, you only have to fill up a form and you are done in a jiffy!

Features of a Trusty Money Lender

Now, can you blindly trust any money lending company? Will it be an intelligible task? Not at all! Ensure that the company possesses the following properties so that you can reap the maximum benefit from it.

  • Firstly, the money lending body you choose should be a licensed one. Make sure that it is a well approved organization and not some fake company. For instance, in Singapore, any money lending body is approved by the Registry of Moneylenders. Therefore, before taking your cash with you, always check whether the organization is certifies to lend out money.
  • The service of the lending body should be of high quality. The representatives working there should be approachable every day. If you have any query, make sure that they are capable of sorting out immediately and don’t ignore the issue.
  • When you are working with a company, its terms and conditions are very important. Go through them carefully and find out whether they are truthful. The lending body should be truthful about them right from the beginning and should undertake a very transparent transaction. If you can smell some foggy condition, revert back immediately.
  • It is always advisable to opt for the experienced companies rather than the new ones in the market. An old money lending body will have greater background information and hence, you can judge its reliability.
  • Choose that money lending body or the money lender where your interests are fulfilled without any compromise. Whatever amount you wish to borrow should be provided by them. After all you are their customers and have preferred t choose them above the bank.

All these properties are applicable to all money lending organization even the Singapore money lender. Are you aware of the fact that interest rate of the money lenders are a little high as compared to the banks. So, to avoid debt fatigue, choose short term repayment. After all, when someone is ready to offer liquid cash during your difficult times, you have to pay some extra bucks to him.

All about payday loans

A payday loan is a small and short term unsecured loan. These are named that way because the loan is traditionally paid off on the payday. The loans are sometimes known as cash advances which is in lie to a credit card. And it relies mainly on the previous payroll and employment records as there isn’t any contract involved between the lender and the borrower.

Legislation on such loans vary in every country. Pay day loans in the United Kingdom can be loans upto 500 pounds which will be needed to be paid in a month. And the interest regulations on a typical loan costs as much as 25 pounds for every 100 borrowed per month. It has become the most widely used loan service in UK since its introduction. More than 1.2 million enjoyed the ease of a payday loan in 2009 and it has become much more popular since then. As there’s no regulation on the payday loan’s interest rate, a lender can charge typically anything. Though they are bound by the competition and charge APR of 1355%. However the government is considering to put a cap on such loans. A failure in the payment of the loan may mean an increase in the interest rate which is going to pile up.

A pay day loan company can increase their profits multifold by employing broker networks. They are termed as loan finder services and it includes a broker fee which is paid up front. There are brokers that help applicants of a payday loan avoid paying the high rates of interest that these companies put forward while applying in the UK.

No matter how popular these have become in recent days, the payday loans have welcomed a lot of criticism in the short term loans market all across the UK. People believe that these loans are the major cause of unbelievable amounts of personal debts across the country. This is because of no government regulation on the interest rates on these loans. On failure of payment, the interest piles on uncontrollably rendering the borrower helpless. These loans may be attractive because they are small and are supposedly should be paid within a month, but many fall into the trap who don’t have enough money and end up having themselves stuck in a debt. Since there’s no interest rate regulation, many companies don’t at all show up APR in their advertisements. There are many cases where the companies tried to manipulate people who have taken the loan which itself drew a lot of criticism.

No matter if people like it or not the payday loans are here to stay and do more benefit than bad. Many have taken a lot of advantage of these small and short time personal loans. There may be some cruel people who are wanting the bad from people. Soon the government regulation will make the business clean and good for everyone to have a payday loan.